Ten Rater Sails

The thoroughbred Ten Rater Class has been Jeff's favorite class of RC yacht for many years. The opportunity to design, experiment and innovate has driven JG Sails to come up with new concepts and try new ideas.

To design a new sail plan, you will need to have the Load Waterline Length measurement of your hull, as well as a plan of the mast bend, in order to set the luff curve of the sail. The desired ratio of sail area between the mainsail and jib will need to be known as well.  Current trends in mainsail design , such as broad head sails are coming into fashion.


Heavier weight cloth for the B,C and D rigs is available, and can be stitched if required.

Costs for Ten Rater sails depends on the Rig, the material being used as well as the finish required. For example, stitched seams will be more expensive than glued seams.

As a general indication:


  • A rig sails are likely to cost about $200 for main and jib,

  • B rig sails approximately $170 and slightly less for C and D rig sails.


Please speak with Jeff directly for a more accurate indication of pricing.


The Ten Rater Class allows for some interesting developments and more radical trials. A Ten Rater rig with a wide headboard turned out to be very fast downwind.