A Class

The majestic A Class is a classic class of radio controlled yachts. The A rig can be carried through a wide range of wind speeds and needs to be very versitile. The ability to set a sail which can be flattened, and twisted according to the  conditions is paramount to sustained performance.

Jeff has raced the A Class for many years, and understands the class very well. 

Sails are able to be manufactured using drafting film or re-inforced cloth according to your preference.

In order to produce a set of A Class sails, you will need to know the maximum sail area that your yacht can carry, as well as mast height, main and jib boom length as well as the jib luff length. Jeff can assist you to design your sail plan, including how the smaller rigs will be incorporated.

Costs for A Class rigs depend on many factors, and it is best if you speak with Jeff directly to plan your new sails.