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​JG Sails has many years of experience building fast Ten Rater sails. Whether you require a long lasting set of sails, or if you want the latest go-fast ideas, JG Sails can help.

IOM sails from JG Sails have performed particularly well in many regattas around Australia. The quality of design and finish are second to none. 


We have worked with a variety of skippers to design and build sails for this fantastic class of boat. Each rig is different, and we spendt time speaking with the skipper to work out exactly what is needed to make your boat go fast..

RC Sails of the highest quality.

Our goal at JG Sails is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your enjoyment of radio sailing, whether it be for social sailing or for competitive racing at the highest level.

Our design solutions are tailored specifically to your needs. We pride ourselves on excellent quality workmanship and repeatable sail shape every time you order.

Check out our "About" page to look behind the scenes.

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